A pastor, professor, author, and leader for the 21st century.


B.A. History MATS Theological Studies D.Min. Pastoral Ministry Ph.D. Speech Communication & Conflict Management J.D. Law


Higher Education: With extensive experience in Christian and secular institutions of higher learning, Dr. Wise has served in both academic and administrative roles. He has served as a professor of Christian ministry, communication, and health sciences, as well as senior dean of a graduate school and dean of pastoral ministry programs. His senior executive experience extends into various vice presidential roles overseeing such areas as academic affairs, strategic planning, marketing, online operations, and adult and graduate studies.

Ministry: With over thirty years of experience as an ordained minister, from youth pastor to senior minister of a multiple staff church with Christian school, Dr. Wise is a leader and contributor to the life of the church. He has served as a professor and dean of Christian ministry and has enhanced the ministry skills of numerous students. He has preached in several countries, spoken at conferences, consulted with churches, created a center for conflict resolution, and encouraged and mentored ministry students.


Dr. Wise has published multiple books on relevant issues pertaining to the church. His latest books include: Leaving Religion Finding God; Every Scar a Treasure: Wisdom for Life’s Journey; Big But Christians: Overcoming our Excuses; Mentoring Relationships: Investing in Others; and Tiny Bubbles: Biblical Teaching on Alcohol. See the Published Books tab on this website for more information.


With Midwestern values and a strong work ethic, Dr. Wise stumbled into college from humble beginnings and discovered a love for learning. That thirst for knowledge has never left him and his commitment to lifelong learning remains strong. He is passionate about connecting with others on their journey of faith, experiencing the mystery of God, and encouraging fellow sojourners to live, love, and be all that they can be. He has two adult children, two grandchildren, and a beautiful rescue dog named Lottie.

A 21st century pastor:

Dr. Wise holds a “big-tent” theological perspective that escapes the narrow biblical literalism of a pre-scientific era. We now live in a modern space age with exciting scientific and technological discoveries that are changing the world and altering our understanding of God. In this new reality the answers of the past are no longer the questions of today. God is a present reality that transcends the boundaries of an antiquated past. Dr. Wise helps us relate God to the 21st century.